woman-is-the-light-of-god.jpgI pray to God … and there is she is … there she is: the full feminine that I am seeking. The soft, vulnerable, delicate and surrendered feminine, and she is fully naked in front of God. This is the place I have found her, I did not know it was here she was hiding, it is here she can open wide: yoni, womb, soul, and heart, wide open. Fully exposed, raw pink and juicy ready for God. This is where I melt; when God enters me. I am given the electric shock into my heart… skin tingles, hairs stand on end, heart races, veins fill with blood, I am full with the Divine and I am calling out for more, I gasp, my mind surrenders to this Divine Bliss, ecstasy, nirvana and I am more alive that I felt possible… so alive I have exploded out of my own body but imploded within it… I am smashed into a million pieces yet everything has gathered into one single point. Inside of me, outside of me…into God. I AM WOMAN. I AM.

Soul Service

I weave into the places you cannot see or feel

Into the darkness to feel for the places that are empty

I tug the rope of the part that you forgot

Or left behind

Or denied

I feel the space and what you have lost

I weave with God and your guides;

A net , and I move through the dimensions

Seeking your lost part

The weaving is light and love

It is a pattern woven by God

A trail my soul knows, beyond the knowing of the mind

Into the feeling of my heart soul where it connects to yours and all others

Father Mother weave this with my prayer and my desire

To serve all souls who come to me

In my net I capture what you thirst

What you have unknowingly felt amiss

What you have lost

I capture this in the truth of my heart and the knowledge of my womb

To bring this back

To you

To feel

And heal.

In the net where the light illuminates your souls essences

There is sometimes a gift

From God

A soul gift and you remember how you served once too.

The Blossoming Lotus Flower

Can you keep running from yourself? How long can your run? Years? Decades? Maybe even your whole life? What a shame that you will never really discover who you are!  We can all distract ourselves by doing work in areas that fluff over the real work, taking part in practices that make us feel like we are doing some work, but are we really?

I’m speaking out of experience, I’ve been there, sat and chanted, drummed, yoga’d, downloaded a hundred meditations, Shakti danced to release my female prowess, read zillions of books on self-improvement, but what did I do with those experiences- NOTHING!

I felt for years that I skated upon the surface of a pond, making ripples on top, sometimes dipping my toes in a little deeper, but I never took all of my clothes off; laid myself naked and jumped the hell in. Oh no! The waters were far too murky and dark. Even when my toes got wet I would become defensive, blame everyone else, still refused to see it all, and most importantly fail to act upon it!

So the questions I am posing to you are: Are you exposing the real you? Are you digging deep inside to find your Samskaras?(wounds) lifting your Maya? (veils of illusion) and trying to be the omniscient observer of your own life? For this is your step into significant change.  Can you be like the ‘Alcoholic’ in the AA meeting when they realise for the first time that they are in fact an alcoholic?   Seeing for the first time; the first step of their evolution, but seeing is scary right?

Eeeeeeeeeew how dirty those waters are and the deeper you go the darker it gets, it wasn’t pretty I can tell you. Swimming around opening old wounds, ones I had never in a million years thought had made an impression. I held each one in my hand and looked at them objectively, trying to clear the debris of deflection and blame away from each wound. When I could see them as the observer, they each transformed into a gem, ready to release an aspect of me from dark into light. See this is how it works? In polarity, there is no light without accessing the dark, delving into the dark frees the light to the surface so it can shine from the pool of who you are.  Those Samskaras still come up (It’s life-long work!) but now when I hit a pocket of darkness, I delve right in – no fear, for I now know that the lessons learnt there are essential for the evolution of my higher spirit.

Do you catch yourself saying:

It isn’t my fault it’s them.

This is other peoples stuff/ their problem.

Why is the world so bad?

Why are people so …..Mean, bitchy, horrible, disgusting?

They made me …. Angry, sad, happy , vulnerable …

I’m ok I don’t have any problems.

People have loads of issues I don’t .

I haven’t been affected by anything like that.

I have been pretty lucky in my life.

I don’t want people to pity me.

I’m too strong to let these things have any impact on me.

The traumatic thing that happened won’t change who I am, I just won’t think about it.

I will just carry on and ignore it.



Talking about others

Getting angered/ upset and imposing this on others

Not taking responsibility of your own actions/ feelings /situations/relationships/health

Repressing your feelings / situations

Not speaking your truth

Saying one thing and doing another

Making stories up

Get trapped in stories of the past

Not living in integrity

Living in sorrow and seeing only problems

These are deflections made by the ego to keep you in the illusionary world of I HAVE NOTHING TO WORK ON!  You are the maker of your own reality, your own thoughts, your own feelings, the minute you take responsibility for all of these, then the magic of transformation takes place. Your anchor into the murky waters is freed.

So what happens when you do see it? Write it down, express it!  How can you see it through a different facet?  I journal every day, every single thing that I recognise about myself, interactions, discussions with others, I use them as a tool to see me, to see my own stuff, not theirs.  I work on these observations of myself to improve the way I behave and interact. I don’t judge me, I don’t use them to be mean on myself, I show myself compassion and love for being brave enough to do the work. I don’t stay in the dark either, you fail to see down there if you stay too long, you become too heavy and you drown in your own stuff! So only be in there long enough to observe what you need to see.

It brings me joy to see how I can evolve into being a person who ultimately wants to live from my heart. I am a spiritual being, in a human body trying my hardest to show love and unlock the self-love in all those that cross my life path. I don’t want to lead , I want to be an example to people, to allow them to see the progression on my individual path so that it inspires them to take action and be brave enough to turn inwards to unlock their own amazingly beautiful, amazingly powerful, amazingly inspirational, heart-led life paths.

I will and have taken criticism, attacks and judgements from those who live in fear and who are yet to live in love for themselves; and so will you, but eventually your light will be so bright that you realise their attacks are futile, and hurt only themselves. The more light you create, the more the universe supports you , the more supported you become, the more confident you feel to follow your dreams and your souls purpose. Each step you take to souls purpose the happier you become and the happier you become; well the happier you become.

Collette Corcoran



When you change your conscious mind and raise your vibration, eating meat becomes more difficult. As the planetary vibrations continue to heighten, we are ever more conscious of purifying our bodies to assist with this heightened state of being and living: a state to bring us into higher consciousness.

The substances we put in our body, have an impact on our own vibration. The purer you become, the more your vibration will raise, and the easier you will find it to live from the heart.  Living from the heart will encapsulate your life in love and happiness. When we live from the heart we see all being as a form of consciousness, including animals, we see them as a form of Gods/Divine creation and an energy that is connected to our very own; we accept that animals feel and can suffer in our hands.  We know and feel that they are a form of life and carry their own vibration too. Ingesting an animal means that we take on a lower vibration, one of animal vibration and not one of the spiritual vibration of human life. The vibration of the animal moves us away from expanding fully into our human spirit.

We also digest the consciousness, the thoughts and feelings of the animal, the hurt and pain and suffering that the animal may have endured during its life and death. Locked into the flesh of these animals is anger, fear, anxiety, and an overwhelming fear of death, all of which will imprint within your own chemistries. We are all well aware of some of the horrific conditions these animals are kept in and many of us still turn a blind eye to this, preferring not to see the brutality of what is involved in the journey of the meat to our plate. The implications of eating meat reared in squalid conditions, pumped with hormones and antibiotics can also be ignored, but what cannot be ignored are the effects of this on your body. When disease and illness takes over your body the trail of where it came from or how it happened is invisible.

Execution of the animals, no matter how humane pumps fear into the animals body, adrenalin, steroids are released into the meat, studied have shown that this is linked to human levels of anxiety, anger and genera poor health.  The fear when manifested into the human consciousness allows no room for love, leading to a fear based existence rather than a love filled one.

Eating the animal is both a physical and a spiritual act relating to the vibration and the consciousness of life. The karmic cycle is indicative of the fact that if you are involved any way in the process of inflicting injury, pain or death of these animals then you too in the future will experience the same suffering.

It is known that vegetarians live longer, are less susceptible to major diseases, they have stronger immunity and purer bodies.

I speak from the heart when I say that I do not judge those that eat meat,  I just ask those that do, to educate themselves into what they eat and where it comes from. I believe there will always be a place in society for the small compassionate farmer, but see a future where factory farming has been abolished because the general population has been able to ‘see’ the barbaric nature of mass factory farming, its impact on the planet , its animals and the human race.

Collette Corcoran, Yoga Teacher and Owner of The Urban Buddha



The Rose

The Rose- is a symbol of feminine beauty; of the Divine Feminine. Her thorns keep away anything that threatens the delicateness of her being. Her flower is soft, intricate, a weaving of sacred magic and beauty. The unfurling of each petal is the unfolding of each layer of who she is , moving the darkness of the unknown and her suffering to reveal pockets of light and the illumination of her real self. The complex geometry of her physical being releases the soft emotional parts of her creation and this begins to reveal the maze to her soulful self.
Delicate are the hands that try to touch her petals and share with her the revealing of the sacred soulful centre, to explore the space of who she really is. His hands hold both the strength of the Masculine and the softness of the Feminine . He has weighed them out in his soul and heart. He has witnessed and held her , he has succumbed to the emotions , lived in the darkness and the light. He has never stopped loving her or himself.
In her very centre is a beauty that many have not had the grace to behold, he knows this …the soulful sexual feminine in all her glory and The Light of Mother Father God.

Evolutionary Empowerment Teacher of the Womb and Soul.